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This page is for parents or guardians who are ready to apply for a place for their child/ren within our wonderful school. If you have not previously submitted an enquiry, or still have questions, we ask that you visit our Enrolment Enquiry page or contact us before filling in the form below.


Application form

Please fill in the application form to apply for a place at our school.

Admissions information:

  • For children of Kindergarten age, they start in the year that they turn four. In the year prior to that, during third term, parents may be asked to attend an interview, depending at that stage where the child is positioned on the Waiting List.
  • When a place becomes available for students, parents are notified and asked to attend an interview (development of the child).
  • For a student with a special need or disability, a meeting will be arranged with the parents and the Student Support Coordinator to assess the student, review reports from other schools or professionals and discuss the special needs in the light of the class and the school’s resources. For this reason it is essential that parents provide full information on their children’s individual requirements.

In selecting any child to fill a vacancy, the Admissions Committee will give special consideration to families where there is a demonstrated commitment to the school and its underlying philosophy. All of the following factors may be taken into consideration:

  • Compatibility of the philosophy underlying Waldorf Education with the beliefs and practices of the adults in the child’s home environment
  • Children and grandchildren of teachers at Mount Barker Waldorf School
  • Ex-students
  • Children of past students
  • Siblings of current students at the school
  • Students transferring from other Waldorf schools
  • Chronological position on the waiting list
  • For young children, the family’s home location will be considered in the sense that we discourage long distance travel.