Welcome to our school

Mount Barker Waldorf School proudly offers children the opportunity to learn and grow with a human-centred curriculum designed to build whole-human capacities. We join nearly 3000 schools and early learning centres across 71 countries, in offering children and their families an education that is socially responsible by being responsive to the needs of today’s world.


From the Principal

We’re here to develop whole, healthy humans for a healthy world.

People choose our education because they want their children to be healthy, purposeful, and creative adults who go into the world looking to foster a healthy, just society. Through our independent, nationally accredited curriculum, purposefully aligned with human development, we help our graduates to be independent and creative thinkers, connected and socially responsible.

The journey to becoming a healthy and socially-responsible adult requires a balanced and conscious education that develops the whole person authentically. All the subjects and experiences offered at our school embrace key learning capacities that contribute positively to human development. They cultivate intrinsic values, moral growth and social consciousness which lead our students to be positive contributors to society.

Liam Waterford

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We are committed to giving children the time and space to truly explore; to immerse themselves in their learning, and find their own place in the world. It is with this approach that children become confident adults who contribute to a world worth living in.

— Liam Waterford, Principal

Our values

We aim to provide our students with values which will enable them to find meaning and purpose in their life. Our values provide guidance in all we do:

Loving kindness – Spirit – Connectedness – Community – Courage – Wonder